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Name 컬렉션 테스트
Manufacturer 자체제작
Origin 국내
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    Michael the III’s 

    Guide to Gym Fashion

    Staying Fit and Flirty With the Instagram Influencer

    Text: Michael the III

    Photography: Michael the III

    I know what you're thinking because I've thought it too: Why must we wear clothing at the gym? The long answer is that there are rules prohibiting errant dangling and excessive sweating on expensive equipment. I've reminded health club managers that the ancient Greek word "gymnos" means "naked," but it seems not everyone shares my desire for historical accuracy. They say, Michael, think of the other members! Actually, I've tried my best not to do that. I prefer to avoid social activity of all kinds at the gym. Instead, I let my clothes do the talking, so I can get to work. It's not any trouble at all. 

    To communicate a variety of messages over the course of a workout, you will be changing (burning calories) quite often. Bring a bag with enough room for all your clothes, few of which you should be wearing as you sprint into the locker room out of breath. This first presentation implies your workout is done. You're not arriving, you're leaving. And no one likes a quitter. Also, bring 10-12 locks to reserve a perimeter of lockers around you to create a buffer zone. Once protected by negative space, you'll want to change into your first outfit—one for stretching (also known as posing). For this stage of the workout, I am inspired by the iconic fashion of gymnastic coaches. Zip your zippers all the way up, showing you are sporty but not active enough to work up a sweat. This intimidates other members, leaving you with a quiet moment. If that doesn't work, fake a phone call and use phrases like, "Going to prom won't get her to the Olympics!", "What is the time difference in Romania anyway?", and "Hi baby, we're out of hand-chalk, can you pick some up on your way home?"


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